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Nutonic Affiliate

I never expected an opportunity to basically drop in my lap that could be life-changing. A few weeks ago, I received a text from a good friend asking if I might be interested in listening to a business opportunity call and learning about such a company. After hearing about the products this company was planning to offer and the compensation plan available to Affiliates…and the fact that it didn’t cost me a penny to join, I had to learn more.

Nutonic, launched on April 26, 2021, is an exciting company with stability and backing from some of the most experienced CEOs in the marketing industry. The company is ground floor, totally untouched, meaning there is a strong position in an unsaturated market with incredible health and wellness supplements in the category of wellness, weight management, hemp and all natural skin care. Standing behind this company and now on the board are also the ex-CFO of Disney Sports, an ex-VP of FOX International AND an experienced Holistic Doctor.

After learning all of this and being intrigued, why would I want or need to join this company? Here’s my why…

In August of 2019, my husband suffered a cerebellar hemorrhage. Quick action and great medical care saved his life. After he was discharged from the hospital, he had a lot of rehab…in-patient and outpatient. This brain injury has left a need for me to take on a much more active role at home. Not only that, I can’t leave him alone for long periods of time, like to work 8 hours a day outside the home. For the past 9 years, I have been self-employed doing website design. Prior to my husband’s health emergency, I also worked 2 days a week doing bookkeeping work for a local small business. However, that bookkeeping job went away when I couldn’t continue working in the office due to being in Pittsburgh while my husband was in the hospital and rehab…A decision I will never regret! Today, my husband is doing great, but there are still issues that require me to be home with him.

We also love to travel. So, being self-employed and doing work that only required an internet connection, was perfect for our lifestyle. So, having an opportunity like Nutonic being presented to me couldn’t be more perfect as a way to earn an income from literally anywhere. I can choose when I work, how much I work, and where I work…which is literally anywhere in the world!

I joined Nutonic as a Founding member and am now an Affiliate of this company. This company is global and drop ships products from the US to anywhere in the world. They currently offer 20 products with plans to add more. They are built on love of community and strong ethics.

As an affiliate of this company there are instant earnings available, just from signing on. A network marketing company that has no sales targets, no breakaways, no caps on volume, and no need to buy in lots to stock a shelf. The best part is there are NO annual fees and NO investment to join….I just had to say YES. Buy or sell one product a month and I remain active in the company. Sell direct from my own website and link with products that ship direct to them. I chose to build a team, but that isn’t a requirement, and adds additional ways for my to earn income.

Health and wellness with all natural, good quality, non-GMO, vegan, cruelty free, holistic products with no added fillers along with an amazing compensation plan is a great fit for earning income full time or as a side gig that anyone can do. Nutonic is all of that! Additionally, all of the marketing materials to advertise my new business is all created for me and in my back office the day I joined. Training has been provided since before launch getting me prepared to succeed. And all of this with $0 investment on my part.

The best part…I can work anytime, anywhere I choose. Right now, as I sit writing this post and working my new business, I’m sitting at a B&B at the top of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia. All I need is an internet connection! I have my own website that was created and ready for me at launch and now I’m ready to help others by offering this same opportunity to join my team and/or purchase these amazing health and wellness products. See it all at

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