Our first cruise

The first trip we took together was a Caribbean cruise on the Norwegian Gem in January 2013. This cruise sailed to St. Martin, St. Thomas and the Dominican Republic and embarked out of New York City. Diana’s brother and sister in law went on the trip with us, making it an even better trip!

Todd had a plan for this trip! He had talked about purchasing an engagement ring on this trip and knew the jewelry store he wanted to visit. However, before the day in St. Martin arrived, Todd had already asked Diana’s brother for her hand in marriage…of course, he said yes!

In St. Martin, we disembarked the ship and took a tender to the island. There are a lot of jewelry stores here and other shops. We visited several stores, tried on different rings…but Todd knew he wanted to look at Regency Jewelers. I can tell you our experience there was second to none. They talked about what we were looking for and brought out several rings to try on. When we narrowed our choice down to 2 rings, they sent us outside to look at them in natural light! Who does that? We made our choice of a beautiful Hearts on Fire engagement ring. That was a big deal to the store as they rang a bell and applauded at the purchase of a Hearts on Fire.

After purchasing the ring, we stopped at a local restaurant for lunch before heading back to the ship. That’s when Diana handed the ring to Todd and asked him to put it in the safe in their cabin.

We got cleaned up for dinner that night but decided to take a walk around the ship first. We found a great area on the bow of the ship that had several papasan chairs with a perfect view of the sunset. That night the sky was perfectly clear with a bright full moon. Once everyone else (or so we thought) had left, Todd started talking about how he had planned on a public proposal on the ship. But since our life together so far has been about the two of us, he wanted this moment to be just the two of us as well. Then he reached in his pocket, pulled out the ring and asked me to marry him! I’m pretty sure I cried…and of course said YES! That’s when the two heads on the papasan chairs next to us popped us and Ooo’d and Awww’d about how sweet the proposal was.

By far this was the best moment on the whole cruise!