The Unconditional Love of Furbabies

The first day after Todd and I got together, we were going to go up to the family camp. He picked me up and then we had to stop at his house to pick up the dogs. Let me just say, from that very moment, these puppers had my heart.

Yorkies have such wonderful personalities. They also give you unconditional love.

Ziggy was the younger of the two and was just so easy going. He loved going for car rides…and especially loved the drive through at the bank where he watched for that funny shoot to send him a nummy num. Genetics were not on this poor boy’s side though. He was diagnosed with idiopathic canine epilepsy in 2013 and started seizure meds. They helped some but we had to watch him close for seizures. When one came on, it was usually sudden and all we could do was hold him close and comfort him until it passed. Then he also developed chronic bladder stones and had to be operated on 6 times to remove them. Through it all, he was always the sweetest pupper. In January, 2019, he woke up one morning and was shaking in pain. We took him to the vet where they discovered he had more bladder stones, but also had a kidney stone that had killed one of his kidneys. We were given pain medicine for him and discussed options for him. Removing his kidney was dangerous and because of his issues, he probably wouldn’t survive the surgery. If he did, it would only give him a couple of months to live as the stones would take over his remaining kidney. We had to make the agonizing choice to take our boy’s pain away and held him as he peacefully passed away on January 5, 2019.

Pixie was the oldest and was clearly the boss of our house. She was the sweetest and loved to give kisses. She loved to go with us but hated car rides. Pixie loved to be held and snuggled with. If you cried, she would lick your tears away. She would pretend she couldn’t jump up on the bed so we would pick her up. She was the princess of the house for sure. When we lost Ziggy, she jumped right in and comforted us. As Pixie aged, she had a lot of tummy issues and got sick a good bit. We always knew we needed to keep her diet bland and always did what we needed to do to make her better. Then, she started going blind and deaf. For a while, she got along fine but as it got worse, we had to block off our steps because she kept falling down. Her hips had arthritis so she fell a lot. She had her routine though and every night she snuggled with Mama, even resting her head on my shoulder, before going to her blanket to sleep. She reached the point where she was in too much pain, she stopped eating, and we had to make another difficult choice to let her go. The day after Thanksgiving on November 27, 2020, we held our sweet girl close as she peacefully went and met Ziggy at the Rainbow Bridge.

Our house is empty and quiet without these two puppers. We will always miss them and know they are still here with us…watching over us and still giving us those pupper snuggles.

Rest in peace sweet Pixie and Ziggy.

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